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Chosing a password

Chosing a password seems simple enough, but we cannot stress the importance of some simple rules.
- Use random characters, both upper and lower case letters, mixed with numbers.
- Use the maximum allowable characters 9 to 11 is good, but more is better.
- Do not make it spell a word.
- Do not make it your phone number, birth date, social security number or any other personal number that you may have. (or that of your relatives)
- Do not use the same password for anything. Difficult as it may seem, if one gains access to one password, they will try others to see if you have done this.
- Keep in mind that some message board systems allow the moderators access to the members passwords. If you are using this same password somewhere else, a less than honest mod, can use your ID and cause trouble for you.

Storing passwords

Now that you have a complicated, and not so easy to remember (or crack) password, what is the best way to store it?
- Use the back of a simple business card you can keep in your wallet or other secure place. (Don't write the word "password" on it.)
- Or
- Use 3x5 cards that you can keep in a locking file cabinet, or a safe if you have one.
- Do not store passwords on your PC. Either in a text doc., or literally on the PC! (like a sticky note stuck to the monitor)
- Do not use password storing software.
- Do not check "yes" when windows asks if you wish it to remember this password.

Now if you would like a couple of quick horror stories, here are two.
A guy used the same password for his hotmail account as he did for his login at a race car message board. A mod there got mad over something (car guys can get in some heated discussions) and tried the guys message board password on his email account which happened to be hotmail. It worked. From there, he went to other message boards that the guy belonged to, and counting on the guy using the hotmail account to register, clicked on the "forgot password" feature to have it sent to him. Soon, the mod had the guys passwords to other message boards, where he went and spammed pages and pages of obscene messages, before he could be stopped. While some of the administrators knew this guy wouldn't have done such a thing, I imagine others weren't so forgiving, and it was still quite a mess to clean up.

A guy used the same password for his domain management account as he did for his webhosting account. Keep in mind these were two seperate accounts at two seperate companies. It turns out one of the admins at the domain registrar, tried the password at the guys webhost, and upon finding out it worked, preceded to deface his webpages. The guy thought he had been hacked, (and he had been - kind of) so he moved to a different host, only to have it happen again. This happened multiple times, until the guy figured out that the only common password was that of the registrar.

So you can see how easy these two people made it by not following the rules.

At MyPagesOnline we do not keep any customers personal information on our PC's. If you need any account info resent, you will be required to know the email addy you used to sign up, and we may even ask for your phone number or other personal information to verify who you are before sending or calling you with the information. We have other ways of verification that we may use at our discretion.

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