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Creating Databases using Cpanel

Enter http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel/ in to the address bar of your browser.
You will be prompted for your Site Login Name and password.
You will get a page that looks like THIS
Scroll down to the Databases, and click on the Manage Sql to be taken to a page that looks like THIS
  If you have any databases, they will be listed along with the users for that database.
To create a working database, scroll down to see THIS
  You must first create a database, and a database user with a password.
  When creating a database, only enter the name you wish to call it. Our software will add your sites login name as a prefix for you, so that the db name you use will be "YourLoginName_YourbdName"
  When creating a database user, only enter the name you wish to call him or her. Our software will add your sites login name as a prefix for you, so that the db user name you use will be "YourLoginName_YourdbUserName"
  Your hosting package may include one or more databases, and you may have more than one database user. For security, the user name should not be the same as your login name, and the user's password should not be the same as your sites password.
Once the db and the user(s) have been created, they will appear in the drop down boxes. Before you can begin using the database, you must add a user to the database, so that the user name and password will be allowed access to the database in a script.
After creation of the database, you should see some code below the database list of user(s) like in THIS screenshot. The password is not given, so if you copy and paste the code, you must enter the user's password where the words "PASSWORD HERE" appears.
When a script prompts you for the following, enter the info in dark red text as it applies to your database:
Database Type       enter  
Database Host         enter   localhost
Database Name       enter   siteloginname_nameofdb
Database User         enter   siteloginname_nameofdbuser
Database Password   enter   YourdbUser'sPassword
Some scripts may let you set a prefix to identify the tables that will be contained in the db. (an abriviation is fine)
Database Prefix       enter   Anything you want

This should be all you need to set up your database, and install your script.
If you need help, see our Contact Page or our Support Forums

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