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Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email with the following:

| New Account Info |
| Domain: domainname.com *
| Ip: *
| Has Cgi: yes
| User Name: username *
| PassWord:
| CpanelMod: bluelagoon
| Home Root: /home/
| Quota:
| NameServer1: ns1.mypagesonline.com
| NameServer2: ns2.mypagesonline.com
* For example on this page only, these names or IP's will not work.

You must change your nameservers to ours above.
It should be working in about three days, until then use your IP with http:// in front of it like this: to upload, and view the site. Paths will work, but URLs will not until the dns servers are updated.

URLs and Paths:
1. Anything in the "root" cannot be viewed, so be sure to put the files in either in the public_html one or the cgi-bin in the public_html one.
2. The www directory is just a shortcut to the public_html directory. Files uploaded in either one, should appear in the other one as well.


(scripts do not need to be in a cgi-bin to work)



For subdomain accounts, (accounts using our domains) your URLS and paths are available imediately (no waiting for dns to update) at:

(scripts do not need to be in a cgi-bin to work)

If you create a subdomain in your cpanel:
http://sub.yoursub.ourdomainname.com (or) http://yoursub.ourdomainname.com/sub
are both

http://sub.yoursub.ourdomainname.com/cgi-bin (or) http://yoursub.ourdomainname.com/sub/cgi-bin
are both

For Scripts:

Cpanel Instructions:

To connect to your account control panel please use one of the following ways.

Email Instructions:
For your convience we do provide pop auth SMTP service. However please note that some ISP's have blocked port 25 off and SMTP service will not work. You will still be able to send from our webmail, however.
For both incomming and outgoing mail use:
You can also use our Neomail or Horde Web mail apps to send and receive. The login is located at our Neomail / Cpanel login page.
(for increased security, close the window when done. Do not visit other sites from this window after logging in.)
FTP Instructions:
You can begin uploading your files immediately at your IP#:
Once your domain name is transferred and working in your browser then you can use a host name of
Files for public access (your website) should be uploaded to the public_html directory.
Files and directories outside the public_html directory are not accessible to the public.
The www directory is just a link to the public_html directory.

This should be enough info to get you started.
If you haven't yet read our FAQ's, many facts and tips are located there.
and here: http://support.mypagesonline.com
If you still need anything, feel free to use our contact page, or email us at cs@mypagesonline.com
Also, you may post in our Support Forums

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